Our Process

Our Process

Make great videos that Perform Globally

NLM and Client engagement process:

  • Client completes Request Proposal at naturalleadersmedia.com
  • NLM and Client have a discovery call.
  • Client completes Creative Brief with NLM rep.
  • NLM approves client creative briefs, parties execute a production agreement with budget, deliverables, timelines, expectations and terms.

Client and NLM engage in a four step Video Production process:

Concept Development

Part 1

Determine video objectives, timelines, working budget, target audience, company and brand values, conduct client research, identify key elements, etc.

Part 2

Set up conference call, video call or a face to face meeting. In this meeting NLM and client will collectively conceptualize, brainstorm and share ideas.


Part 1

Draft an in depth proposal that includes agreed upon concepts. Proposal will consist of visual, audio, music and crew organization to fit within clients desired working budget.

Part 2

After acceptance of the proposal the NLM team will arrange the logistics of potential sets, locations, casting, props, script, wardrobe, storyboards, crew, etc.


Hire crew, set construction, set design, transportation to set locations, direct and film video.


Part 1

Create first draft video edit. Incorporating graphics, B-role, animation, titles, music, sound EFX, etc.

Part 2

Initial feedback. First of two series of revisions. Client will have three days to review first draft and provide feedback and suggestions.

Part 3

Refined edit. Draft two of video is based on client feedback and suggestions. This includes refining video elements including sound cleaning and graphics.

Part 4

Second round feedback. Third draft of video created from second round of feedback. Client will have three days to provide final feedback.

Part 5

Natural Leaders MEDIA will apply final feedback and suggestions, add finishing touches such as voice over, color correction, audio cleaning & mixing. Deliver final video files to client.