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Will Boone, PhD.

Producer / Writer

Will Boone is a multi-disciplinary, multi-genre artist and associate professor of English and African Studies at Winston-Salem State University, where he teaches courses on hip-hop, gender, popular culture, African American culture and African American literature. Professor Boone received his PhD in African American studies from Temple University in 2008. His dissertation, “The Beautiful Struggle: an Analysis of Hip-Hop Icons, Archetypes and Aesthetics,” explores the influence of African American icons on hip hop cultural expression. Nonetheless, he began acting and playing bass guitar at Delaware State University, where he minored in Theatre.

His current research interests include cultural and music criticism, cultural history, popular culture, and African American masculinity.

Will Boone, PhD.

Originally from Orange, New Jersey, Will Boone has served as a consultant for Critical Mass Consulting Inc. and is co-founder of Afro Blew Media Inc. He has facilitated numerous workshops and delivered talks on hip hop, African American culture/history and African American academic success. He has participated in The Philadelphia Fringe Festival as an actor (Philadelphia and Greensboro), produced and directed performance videos, and promoted various themed events through Afro Blew Media Inc.

Dr. Boone produced and directed a documentary film on North Carolina Hip Hop culture entitled The Routes: a NC Hip Hop Documentary.

Professor Boone’s most recent scholarly work is entitled “Using Chicago Hip Hop to Read the Legacy of the Chicago Renaissance,” which examines the interface between Chicago hip hop aesthetics and the Chicago Black Renaissance.