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10 Days in #Brasil


This episode was shot on July 12th, 2021 which is my Mothers birthday as such this EP is dedicated to my mother Emily Fitch (7-12-43 – 7-8-2021).

The day started at BiBi a breakfast and lunch spot. Moderately priced great selection. Everything I had there was soo fresh. One block away from the beach great breeze on the patio.

Next up – Christ The Redeemer – Parque Nacional da Tijuca. This is a statue I’ve seen in plenty of movies, in real life it’s like really huge. Warning Breathtaking views Alert. VIEWS VIEWS for days.

Onto Brazilian and Mediterranean Cuisine at Marius DeGustare restaurant. Again another restaurant where all the selections were extremely fresh. Outstanding customer service and plenty of food!

I had a fantastic day 4 comment below if your ready for day 5.